Our body needs a big meal buffet such as the Golden Corral Breakfast for hours visit Menu Prices Genie. Breakfast is cable to find us with energy throughout the day.Golden Corral Breakfast has a wide variety of dishes to choose from for nourishing meal. Nowadays it is very common to skip breakfast because of the lack of time to prepare it or because it is thought that we can “save calories” and thus be able to lose weight. But skipping breakfast is one of the greatest nutritional sins we can commit. In this post we will help you find the motivation to have healthy breakfast, offering healthy breakfast alternatives based on integral and natural products.

Golden Corral Breakfast Dairy

This includes milk is a great source of calcium, although if you are one that does not feel good lactose, you can replace it with lactose free milk or vegetables (almonds, rice, and oatmeal) that besides being very good have more calcium than those that come from of the cow. Yogurts have a high content of calcium and proteins. At Golden Corral’s Breakfast you will get plenty of Dairy to choose from.

Golden Corral Breakfast -FRUIT

It is recommended to add a piece of fruit at Golden Corral breakfast, and avoid juices, since the latter are more caloric (we use more pieces of fruit), have more sugar, less fiber and give us less level of satiety compared to a whole piece of fruit. It is important to vary the fruit pieces to obtain different vitamins and minerals.

Golden Corral Breakfast – GRAINS

Golden Corral Breakfast offers plenty of Grains are very important at breakfast, since through them we will obtain energy to face all day, our recommendation is to include whole grain cereals. Whole wheat bread, rye bread, spelled bread is good alternatives to white bread because of its greater fiber intake. Or include the famous oats, known as “the queen of cereals” because the contribution of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and nutrients is greater than other cereals.


Golden Corral Breakfast is never short of protein! They emphasize the cold cuts, eggs or nuts. Among the cold cuts we can include turkey, ham or ham without visible fat. The eggs, thanks to their many alternatives to prepare them, we cannot get bored with them, try them scrambled, past or poached. It is very important not to abuse this food (maximum 4 a week). Let’s not forget the Dry Fruits, although it is important to take care of the quantity ingested due to its high caloric content.

That is, unsaturated fats are pure fats that have not been transformed so that our body can take advantage of them according to their needs, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil or Avocado, which is also rich in folic acid.

Often in the tourist catalogs you can find unfamiliar abbreviations describing the type of food in the hotel. Here is a transcript: BB – breakfast is included in the room rate, HB – half board, the hotel will offer you breakfast and dinner, FB – full board, that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner. All is an “all inclusive” system, that is, room rates include meals (depending on the class of the hotel, it can be from three to six times), and local drinks, including alcoholic beverages, though only from morning until midnight or even 23.00. As a rule, city hotels in the US offer breakfast accommodation (BB). Breakfast can be American (sausages, fried egg, buns, jam, butter, coffee), continental (a certain, very modest set of dishes, such as coffee and a bun) or a buffet (depending on the category of the hotel is more or less varied).

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