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This List Of Foods Should Not Be Consumed By People With Heart Disease

If you are a person with cardiovascular disease, regulating food is a very important thing you do to keep your heart healthy and minimize or reduce the risk of a heart attack. You must know what foods you can and should not eat. The recommended type of food is that can increase nitric oxide supplements in the body. It is usually in beans and green vegetables. This molecule has a very important role in blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation will facilitate the work of the heart.

For people with heart disease, of course, there are some foods that should not be eaten. The following are the types of foods that people with heart disease should not consume:

– Processed meat
Processed meats such as sausages and bacon usually contain high saturated fat. This is the reason why processed meat enters the food that heart disease sufferers should avoid. Even if you choose a type that contains low levels of saturated fat, you should be aware of the high salt content. Just six slices of processed meat can contain half your daily salt needs, according to the heart health association in America.

– Fried food
Some studies have shown that fried foods such as French fries and so on increase the risk of heart disease. How to cook like fried can create trans fat, which increases bad cholesterol levels and lowers the level of good cholesterol in the body.

– Soda
A number of studies show that those who consume soda tend to consume more calories than those who don’t drink soda. In addition, chemicals in a soda can actually change digestive bacteria and make people more susceptible to weight gain. Excess weight is one factor in the risk of heart disease.

– Margarine
Consumption of foods containing high trans fat such as margarine is likely to increase a person’s risk of heart disease. To be safe, choose a margarine that does not contain partially hydrogenated oil, or stick with olive oil instead.

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