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Things You Must Prepare On The Day You Deliver A Speech

If you want to give an authoritative impression [a little bossy], then choose formal business attire. Choose colors that add to your attractiveness, and don’t use too many accessories. Make sure you have all the equipment and materials you need during the speech later. Bring your visuals, your tablet or laptop. Also a copy of your speech. On the other hand, check out the popular motivational speeches as well affiliate account.

Ask the person in charge of the event to re-check the mic sound. If you are in a small room, ask someone to stand behind the room, if he can hear your voice. In a larger space, practice organizing and using a mic, to produce a sound that is precise and clear.

Prepare extra equipment and materials needed. Make sure the computer, projector screen and support function properly and have been placed in the right place. So that it is clearly visible to the audience.

Decide what you will do with your paper. You can put it on the table so that the audience takes it by themselves or shares it with them regularly and calmly.

Ask for a glass or bottle of water. If the duration of your speech is long enough, you will definitely need water to wet your throat.

Talk before you appear on stage. Pay attention to the outside of your front and back, make sure your hair is neatly arranged and also your face. If you use some cosmetics, make sure it’s not smeared and really looks harmonious.

Make sure your views cover the entire audience, don’t just stick to one point of view.

a. Make eye contact with all the people who are your audience. If eye contact is too heavy for you, just look at the top of their head, like the painting behind them or their watch.

b. Move your attention from one person to another, so that each person present feels involved and valued in the presentation that you are submitting.

Speak casually and try breathing normally. Excessive adrenaline rushes will cause you to talk too fast and uplifting. The negative, it’s hard to digest, and you will look nervous.

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