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The Importance Of Logistics Warehouse In Supply Chain Activities

Before reviewing more about the importance of logistics warehouses, it is better to first understand the definition of warehouses in outline. The definition of 自存倉 is facilities you can use to regulate the storage process, the movement of goods and storage is part of logistics. Then what is the purpose of the warehouse itself? The answer is only one, namely saving costs. Why is it related to cost or cost? You can answer it by understanding the logistics. That is as a systematic planer for the procurement of the right goods, the right time, the right amount, and the right conditions, with the emphasis on affordable costs.

We can include warehouse or storage in this category because the warehouse has equipment for security and guaranteed safety of goods from various calamities. Kind of security from the danger of flooding, rain, heat, theft, etc. It cannot be denied that the warehouse also plays a role in every movement of goods, both actual and data. Because a good warehouse will be equipped with manpower facilities that have good credibility.

Warehouse becomes one of the important parts in a series of supply chain and logistics activities. This warehouse is a place to store goods in which there is a warehousing process in the form of storage and material handling. Warehouses can be described as part of a logistics system of a company that serves to store products and provide information about the status and conditions of material/supplies stored in the warehouse so that the information is always up-to-date and easily accessible to anyone who has an interest.

For those of you who know the warehousing system, you may be familiar with the loading dock. It is platform for loading and unloading from and to a place that has a height difference. The loading dock has several variations. Some are integrated with the main building and some are portable. The loading dock is usually found in commercial and industrial buildings or warehousing. The modern loading dock is equipped with various tools. Like blades for leveling/balancing, loading dock seals with transport vehicles, canopies, indicator lights, and systems to hold transport vehicles.

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