Select the movie you are interested in and session time. A click on the session time will open the online purchase / reservation ticket window. Make sure that the selected cinema, date, film, hall and technology of the show match your desire.

The Cinemark Hall Setup& Cinemark Food Concession Prices

In the scheme of the hall, choose the places you like, presented in the form of a colored square. Find Cinemark Popcorn Prices at Roxys Movie Prices. The color corresponds to the ticket price.

The legend with the decoding of the color value of the seats is located below the hall scheme. If instead of a square a little man icon is displayed, then the place is taken.

The Right Choice Made Popcorn or Nacho Cheese at Cinemark !

When you have made a choice of places by clicking on them, your choice will be marked by birds and displayed in the left column of the selected parameters of your purchase.

  • After making sure of your choice, click the big orange “Buy” button to go to authorization and choose means of payment for the tickets.
  • If a booking service is provided at the cinema, then you will see the “Book Now” button, which you can also use. If the button is not displayed, then the booking service is not available or is unavailable for the selected session.

You can log in with external services or movie theater profiles in order to have access to purchased tickets / orders from any computer and browser. If you do not wish to log in, you can make a purchase without authorization, but in this case, access to purchased tickets will be possible only from the computer and browser in which you made the purchase and which will be remembered by the system. In addition, you will not be able to use loyalty programs available in movie theaters. Next, the system prompts you to choose a means of payment.

Choose a payment method from the possible. If there is no system or processing, then they are not available for use in this case. After that, your choice will be displayed to you and the Cinemark Movie Theater Prices for purchase will be calculated and information on the discounts applied, if any; make sure that the choice and calculated ticket prices are correct.

Here you can also leave contacts to which your movie tickets will be sent after purchase.

Be sure to read the rules of buying / returning tickets online; when proceeding to the next stage, it is considered that you have accepted this public offer.

Then click the button “Go to payment” and the system will send you to the payment page of the bank or processing to enter the details of your card or other means of payment. It takes 15 minutes in which you need to meet for a successful purchase.

  • After entering the details, you will return to your order page, where a few seconds after processing the payment, you will see your tickets, in case of successful payment, or a payment failure message explaining the problems and how to resolve them. By the number of your order you can get advice from the support service.
  • You can see the purchased tickets in the “My Tickets” tab and return to them at any time to print or view their contents, where the main value is the ticket code, which is necessary for entering the hall. Also, on this screen you can initiate the sending of tickets to you by e-mail or by SMS.

Some cinemas already now have means of automated control of electronic tickets and to enter the auditorium you do not need to visit the cashier and exchange your electronic tickets for regular paper ones. You just have to print or, in some cases, just show tickets on the screen for scanning and authentication. Provide printed tickets to cinema with deferred control of electronic tickets. To view details and print tickets click the Print tickets link.

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