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The Common Causes of Back Pain

Not many people know the presence of chiropractor santa monica and how such this professional can help them relieve the pain. In fact. many people often experience back pain but think that they just need to do more moves or stay active. If you wake up with a sore back or spine, there are a number of reasons behind that. Back pain is usually associated with the wrong posture when we are at work. However, there are other causes. Anything? Here are five reasons that might cause you back pain as reported

1. Too often using high heels

The use of high heels can not only strain the back muscles but also other parts such as the Achilles tendon, knees, hips and others. Wearing heels makes your body weight shift on the foot pads, so your knees, hips move forward and your back must be more backward to maintain body balance. If you are overweight, the risk of injury will increase even more when you are not wearing the right size or choosing the type of heels that make it difficult for you to walk.

2. Your mattress is not suitable

On the off chance that your bedding is excessively exhausted or not solid enough, it is probably going to add weight to your body when you need to rest during the evening. Body arrangement must be bolstered in a nonpartisan position and this won’t be accomplished if the surface where you rest is too delicate or too hard. In the event that you get up early in the day and experience bring down back agony and a stretch of 15 or 30 minutes can help, that implies your sleeping cushion isn’t reasonable for you.

3. You are injured when lifting heavy objects

Some people may forget that back pain arises from overly heavy activity in the gym or trying to move something that is too heavy. That is why experts emphasize the importance of stretching and doing warm-up exercises before the activity.

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