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Some of The Most Favorite CCTV Installation Equipment

Because its main function is to improve surrounding security, CCTV must be placed in a strategic location. Where CCTV placement must reach the corners of a place that is felt prone to crime. The variety of CCTV cameras currently available include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, bullet cameras, and hidden cameras. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to hire the experts of CCTV and Locksmith Dublin whenever the security system in your house must be improved locksmiths247.

Various kinds of CCTV above have different specifications and brands. To get CCTV according to the needs and expected output, you must know the CCTV specifications on the market. Here we will review some of the community’s favorite CCTV brands. (read also: Unique and Strange CCTV Camera)

CCTV brands in circulation:

Xiaomi 720P HD WiFi IP Nightvision: Is one of the mainstay CCTVs from Xiaomi with 8.0 MP camera resolution, can record video in low light conditions, and equipped with a microphone. The use is placed in the room (indoor).

Prolink PIC2001WE Wireless-N: Is one of the CCTV brands from Prolink. CCTV measures 7.7 cm x 3.6 cm x 10.2 cm, this installation is placed in the room (indoor). The camera resolution is 1.0 MP. Unfortunately, this CCTV does not have an Infrared feature.

Best V380 HD 960P CT Outdoor WiFi Waterproof CCTV: Products from the Best CT brand are CCTVs that are outdoor (outdoor) placement, have water repellent, infrared features and have a motion detector. For a 1.3MP camera resolution.

KKMOON HD H.264 720P: One type of outdoor CCTV from the KKMOON brand. Equipped with an infrared feature that allows you to keep them in dark conditions, as well as a motion detector feature. Camera resolution is 1.0 MP.

Samsung SCD-L2023RP: This indoor CCTV product from Samsung does not need quality doubt. Samsung SCD-L2023RP is equipped with a 1.3MP camera and infrared with a 30-meter radius.

Panasonic CV-CPW103L: This CCTV bullet camera made by Panasonic is capable of producing 720p quality video. CCTV is equipped with a camera with 1.0MP resolution and infrared features that can reach up to 20 meters.

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