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Memorization And Evaluation Are Crucial For learning English

Not only the rules of tenses that must be memorized, spelling or pronunciation also sometimes makes students stressed out quickly. When spelling is constantly wrong and the pronunciation continues to go wrong, this will trigger complaints to come from within and cause stress. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to take the a2 english test if you want to get the visa so you can live with your partner in the United Kingdom.

More and more complain because too many things that must be memorized make you more reluctant to continue activities.

Like most humans, we tend to want something that is instantaneous.

We want to be able to understand all English material to the highest level after participating in 12 classes in one course. However, we rarely do it alone. Many beginner students fail because of the practice of listening if there are only hours, practice writing when asked, practice reading when told, and talk if forced.

Of course, mastering it quickly may occur because nothing is impossible, as long as we try. I repeat again, as long as we try. But in reality, having a habit of complaining too much will reduce your business, even to the lowest level.

So, don’t complain because there are too many things to do or memorize. However, understand the material, do it consistently and continuously then see the results so that a positive attitude will continue to be formed.

Ever feel like you have done a lot of things but can’t? Already practicing every day but not yet proficient in speaking

Have you often watched and listened to videos but haven’t been proficient quickly? Have you tried to memorize but never clever? Has implemented various appropriate learning tips but English is still difficult.

Yes, I’m sure you have tried a lot of things to be able to speak English. However, that is not enough.

You must evaluate what you have tried. Don’t just look at quantity – how often to do it – but look at the quality of your business, how to do it.

Even though I practice speaking every day, if I only talk to people around you or those who are known, the level doesn’t rise. Try to practice with other people, especially Caucasians or unknown one.

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