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How To Save The Battery Of Solar Watches

Refill once a month by exposing it to sunlight near the window for 5-6 hours with the dial facing the sun. When the watch is not worn, place it on the spot exposed to the light so that it is refilled. To avoid problems such as the death of a watch, recharge regularly. Apart from that, we also recommend you to check the best collections of rado watch at your trusted store.

Please pay attention when the watch will run out of power, especially in autumn and winter due to the weakening of the sun, and the watch tends to be protected under the sleeve.

For refilling, do not leave a watch on the dashboard of the car for a long time because a drastic increase in temperature can result in damage to the component or function of the watch.

Too much exposure to the sun can damage the skin or blacken the urethane bracelet. Therefore, do not leave your watch in the sun except during refilling.

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