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How To Hold On Your Golf Club Grip Properly

Whichever part you want to hold on your golf club, try to keep you holding it calmly https://www.golfsavers.com/thailand/pattaya-golf-courses. By still holding your golf club calmly, you will be able to give more accuracy to your swing and also you will be able to reach the distance you want well. Meanwhile, you can also check out the excellent pattaya golf course when you have spare time for playing golf in Thailand.

Baseball grip is a method you must know. This method of handling is the same as when you hold a baseball bat. Note: The three tips below can still be used even if you are left-handed.

Hold the tip of your golf club using your left hand.

Place your right hand under your left hand.

Tighten the grip of your left hand and your right-hand tries to stay calm and not too tightly holding your golf club.

The handle overlaps. Besides the baseball grip, you can also use overlapping handles like this. This handle will add stability to your golf club.

Hold your golf club like a baseball grip, but place your right hand slightly up so that your little finger is between your index finger and middle finger of your left hand.

Hook handle. This handle provides very much stability compared to the two previous handles. This method is usually used by famous golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

To use this grip, hold the golf club like using a baseball grip and then hook your little finger on your right hand with your index finger from your left hand.

Choose the grip method that you think is comfortable. Every way to hold a golf club has its advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the three ways to hold golf clubs above, there are still many other ways that have not been mentioned. Try every way to get what you think is comfortable for you.

People who have small hands are usually more suited to using a hook handle and don’t fit using the overlapping grip.

If you have a problem when you hit the ball in a sliced style, try to grip your golf club more.

If you experience problems when hitting the ball with a hook style, try to further reduce the grip on your golf club.

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